Section for Senior and Retired Physicians

Section for Senior and Retired Physicians

The NLMA Section for Senior and Retired Physicians (SSRP) was created to cater to the needs and channel the energies of physicians aged 60 and older, both practicing and retired.

Membership is open to any senior and retired NLMA member. If you have questions about the SSRP or would like to distribute a notice to all senior and retired NLMA members, please email the SSRP Chair at [email protected].

Executive Committee

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Facilitate Member Communications 

Establish a record of all SSRP members to facilitate communications and to share information on topics of interest. Maintain a collection of member bios and CVs to keep a historical record of the Association’s members. Serve as a tool for SSRP and NLMA to solicit opinions on various issues affecting the profession. Members who would like to send out a notification to all senior and retired members can send the details to the SSRP Chair at [email protected].

Retirement Planning

Facilitate group or one-on-one advice to physicians contemplating retirement.

Senior Physician Health

Liaise with the Director of the NLMA Physician Health Program on health issues that are pertinent to senior physicians. Provide advocacy when necessary on issues affecting senior physicians. Provide/coordinate compassionate visits to comrades who are ill or disabled and would like to hear from colleagues.


Provide mentorship to MUN medical students upon request on aspects of medical school or the medical profession.


Host presentations for members during general SSRP meetings on topics that are of interest to senior physicians (e.g. retirement issues, physician health, history of medicine, group discussions, etc.).

SSRP Expansion

Promote the SSRP province-wide to senior physicians. Encourage the creation of sub-regional SSRP groups outside St. John’s as it becomes possible.


Provide consultation to outside organizations or assist in coordinating participation on outside committees, e.g. Memorial Medical School Committees, Department of Health and Community Services’ Committees (e.g. the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors), the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), etc.

NLMA Senate

Serve as a “Senate” that could be utilized by the NLMA Board or NLMA committees to solicit advice or feedback on issues or strategy, not unlike a think tank. Nominate senior members for the NLMA and Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Honorary Life Membership Award, which recognizes contributions to the Association or the medical profession.

Promote Comradery

Hold monthly or bi-monthly, unstructured social gatherings with tea or coffee at NLMA House or at other venues as a means to stay connected. Facilitate communication to members to assist in organizing events for like-minded individuals (e.g. walking groups). Members who would like to organize a gathering or promote an event can send the details to the SSRP Chair at [email protected] for distribution.

Archive Management

Assist the NLMA in managing and archiving its historical documents on a volunteer basis.