Physician & Family Assistance Program

Physician & Family Assistance Program

The Physician & Family Assistance Programa partnership between the NLMA and Doctors of BC – is delivered by a dedicated team of physicians and clinicians specialized in supporting physicians in their health. The Program includes a 24/7, confidential helpline, short-term counselling, and referrals to specialized coaches and therapists. As well, NLMA members can avail of one-to-one peer support and peer support groups.

Families of NLMA members can also avail of the program, including spouses, domestic partners, and children under the age of 25 who live with the NLMA member or attend school full time while living away from the NLMA member.

Call 1-800-663-6729 for 24/7, confidential support and to avail of the program’s services.

Contact Info:

  • 24-hour Helpline | 1.800.663.6729
  • Direct Business Line | Available 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. NT | 604.398.4300
  • Email | [email protected]

What Can Be Addressed?

  • Mental health issues
  • Relationship stress
  • Career and life transitions
  • Substance use
  • Occupational health
  • Concern for colleagues

Who Is It For?

NLMA members and their families:

  • 24/7 confidential helpline: 1.800.663.6729
  • Short-term counselling
  • Referrals to specialized coaches and therapists (user-pay)
  • Help supporting a colleague
  • One-to-one peer support (NLMA members only)
  • Peer support groups (NLMA members only)

Services Include:

24/7 CONFIDENTIAL HELPLINE: 1.800.663.6729
Call the 24-hour, confidential helpline and you can be connected immediately with a licensed Lifeworks clinical counsellor, who provides intake assessments and crisis counselling for callers any time of day or night.

The program offers flexible short-term counselling from a network of clinical counsellors who are trained and experienced in supporting physicians. The counselling service is provided in partnership with an external vendor, Lifeworks, and the program’s Clinical Coordinators offer proactive follow-up to ensure your needs are being met.

You can also receive help to connect with a specialized coach, counsellor or therapist who can address your specific challenges and needs. These professionals operate outside of the program, are not affiliated with the contracted network and you may have to self-pay.

You can receive assistance to plan and coordinate an approach to help ensure any physician or medical trainee in need receives appropriate support.

Direct, 1:1 physician peer support is offered on-going and a virtual physician peer support group is offered every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Whether you’re dealing with a complaint, a negative clinical outcome, workload stress, or any other challenge, you’ll receive confidential support from a physician experienced in supporting colleagues.

Confidentiality: Utilizing these services is as confidential as contacting your own family physician. Any personal or health information you provide to the program, including the fact that you contacted us, will be held in the
strictest confidence.

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Funding provided by the Canadian Medical AssociationScotiabankMD Financial Management Affinity Fund.