Government Relations

The NLMA ensures physicians’ concerns are heard by government decision-makers. NLMA representatives meet with elected officials to provide advice on medical and political issues that help advance the profession’s objectives with the government. Government relations efforts are further enhanced through the Physician Services Liaison Committee (PSLC), a forum through which the NLMA leadership and senior government officials engage in addressing important issues, resolving problems of mutual concern and ensuring oversight of the Memorandum of Agreement. 

Public Health Advocacy 

By profiling issues of concern and responding to legislative changes or actions, the NLMA voices physicians’ views on matters that have an impact on the health of patients in Newfoundland and Labrador or on physicians’ ability to provide quality and timely care. The NLMA is committed to consulting with members on all issues of importance to ensure the Association is speaking with authority on a health care system that is constantly demanding more from its physicians. 

Media Relations

The NLMA keeps the public informed on health issues that matter to physicians. Communications staff are dedicated to community and media relations in order to provide accurate and balanced information to the public. The NLMA also conducts opinion polling with physicians and the public on the province’s health care system. If a physician is contacted by the media or wants to contact the media directly, the NLMA’s communications staff can provide media relations advice on getting the message out to patients and the community. 

Community Relations

The NLMA is dedicated to enhancing public image and promoting physician points of view with awareness campaigns directed to patients and the public. The NLMA also promotes positive legislation to elected officials. The Association has entered into a number of collaborative relationships with government agencies and allied health care and patient advocacy groups who share common objectives or where the relationship is mutually beneficial.