Physician Wellness

Your Association understands that we all face unique challenges in managing our own care.

As physicians, we are generally healthy; however, stressful work environments and increasing demands on our time can present barriers to maintaining our optimal health. Research shows that physicians often find it difficult to access independent primary health care and we are among the lowest users of formal health services. Our commitment to our patients, our practice, our administrative or academic duties, and our families, can result in our self-care getting put aside. That’s why the NLMA is committed to providing members with options to help you maintain positive health practices.

The Association also offers the MDLink program to link members with a family doctor, as well as a Monitoring Program in conjunction with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador. To learn more please visit the pages below.   

We hope that the video below will get you thinking about your own health needs and inspire you to explore the programs and resources that are available to all NLMA members and their families.