EMR Physician Participation Agreement Amendment

EMR Physician Participation Agreement Amendment

By now, fee-for-service physicians using Med Access should have received a notice from eDOCSNL requesting that they sign off on an amendment to the EMR Physician Participation Agreement. This amendment has been approved by the EMR Management Committee, half of whom are physician representatives. 

The purpose of this amendment is to facilitate the disclosure of data from each EMR instance to the NLCHI data warehouse. Data elements are generally from the drop-down boxes and do not include subjective notes made by physicians. Some of this data will be included in HEALTHeNL, making more timely patient information available to other providers. Data disclosed to HEALTHeNL will only consist of information that has been vetted by a sub-committee of the EMR Management Committee with 50% NLMA appointed physicians, and also approved by the EMR management committee on which NLMA physicians have equal decision-making authority. Steps have also been taken to protect private information about your enterprise and subjective notes on patient encounters.

The data shared from your EMR will help inform other providers within your patients’ circle of care. It will also allow physicians to have greater insights into their own practices and patient population, help guide health care decision making, contribute to provincial chronic disease registries and help guide health policy and planning in the province.

If you have not done so already, please sign the amendment according to the instructions provided by eDOCSNL. If you have not received these instructions, please contact [email protected].

For salaried physicians, this process will be completed by the regional health authorities.