EOI: NLPDP-EMR Integration Project

EOI: NLPDP-EMR Integration Project

The NLMA is the successful recipient of an Administrative Unburden Grant from the CMA, Scotia Bank and MD Financial to develop integration between Med Access and the future NLPDP Provider Portal. A key element of this project is to evaluate the efficiency of different ways of submitting NLDPD Special Authorization forms.  

The NLPDP-EMR Integration Project is looking for approximately 15 physicians to assist with the evaluation of this initiative. Three times over the next year, participants will record how long it takes to complete NLPDP Special Authorization forms. The time tracking will be done using the physician’s current process, using the future NLPDP Provider Portal, and using the new integration between Med Access and the Provider Portal. Physicians will receive an honorarium for their time according to NLMA Policy.

While not a requirement of participation, preference will be given to Med Access EMR users.

To express interest in participating, please complete this form and include the names of the special authorization forms you primarily use by July 22, 2024.

To learn more about this initiative, please contact Lucy McDonald, Senior Advisor, Digital Health, at [email protected].