Call for Nominations – NLMA President-Elect

Call for Nominations – NLMA President-Elect

The NLMA Board position of President-Elect will be vacant when the current President-Elect is proclaimed President during the 2023 NLMA Annual General Meeting in June. Nominations are now being accepted for the President-Elect position and all eligible members are invited to submit expressions of interest.

The deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m. Monday, April 10.


Eligible candidates must:

  • Be a practising NLMA member in good standing with the NLMA and CPSNL;
  • Provide a written statement outlining their reasons for joining the Board, which will be shared with voters prior to the election;
  • Submit a copy of their CV to the Nominating Committee; and,
  • Commit to annually attend approximately five Board meetings as well as related committee meetings (virtually or in person) during their term

​The NLMA Nominating Committee will verify in a report to the Board of Directors whether or not nominees meet the criteria for standing in an election process.

The successful candidate will agree to serve a three-year term on the NLMA Board to fulfill the executive positions of President-Elect, President and Past-President. This position is exempt from geographical considerations. Past and current Board members are permitted to submit their names for nomination for President-Elect as well.

Nomination Process
Please submit your CV and statement of interest outlining your decision to join the NLMA Board of Directors to the Nominating Committee by completing this form:

Election Process
If more than one President-elect nomination is received, the NLMA will hold a general election via online secret ballot. If only one candidate comes forward, that candidate will be declared elected by acclamation. In the absence of any candidates, vacancies will be filled by recruitment, in keeping with the principle of equity.


Kris Luscombe