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CMA Sunsets Wellness Support Line on November 30, 2022


The Canadian Medical Association sunsetted the Wellness Support Line on November 30, 2022. The CMA launched the Wellness Support Line in June 2020 to provide mental health support and counselling to Canadian physicians, medical students and their immediate families during the pandemic. Anyone receiving treatment from the Support line before November 30, 2022, will be able to continue until the end of their treatment contract. 


For more information about the CMA’s plan to sunset the Wellness Support Line, please view the FAQ document


The NLMA is now in the process of finalizing a contract with a new provider to offer members and their families a comprehensive and customized assistance program as part of our Physician Health Program that will include a confidential 24-7 helpline for members and their families. This program is expected to be launched in January 2023. More information about the new program will be shared with members in the New Year.

In March, Dr. Kris Luscombe was appointed as Medical Director to oversee the expansion of the NLMA’s Physician Health Program. Dr. Luscombe’s contact information for NLMA Members is below.

Dr. Kris Luscombe

Medical Director

Telephone (709) 726-6610 (NLMA Members only)

Toll Free (844) 231-4581 (NLMA Members only)

Fax 1-833-377-0436

E-mail kluscombe@nlma.nl.ca (NLMA Members only)