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2017-2022 WorkplaceNL/NLMA Memorandum of Agreement For the provision of medical services to injured workers.



workplaceNL BULLETINS:


WorkplaceNL  coverage status of OxyNEO® 

March 6, 2012 This is to advise physicians that, as of March 5, 2012, WorkplaceNL, will be providing coverage of OxyNEO for claimants currently receiving OxyContin and for palliation in individuals with claims accepted for cancer. This is in keeping with the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP), which recently announced restrictions surrounding OxyNEO based on a review by the Atlantic Expert Advisory Committee. It is important to note that, as with the NLPDP, WorkplaceNL will continue to provide coverage of a number of opiates and alternate medications used in the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain.

1-866-553-5119 correct fax number for 8/10s 

Please ensure physician form 8/10s are being faxed to WorkplaceNL at 1-866-553-5119 and not 1-888-553-5119.  It is important to ensure forms are faxed to the correct number to:


  • protect the privacy of the injured worker;
  • begin medical management of the claim as quickly as possible; and,
  • ensure the physician is paid promptly.

WorkplaceNL has no way of knowing if forms have been faxed to the wrong number. Have your staff  double check the numbers stored in fax machines as well as those on lists for manual dialling to ensure prompt, confidential management of claims. A notice suitable for posting over fax machines is available here.

Form 8/10

Effective October 6, 2008, WorkplaceNL will only accept the new physician form 8/10 (dated Sept. 2008, in the top right-hand corner of the form). While WorkplaceNL has called almost every physician, clinic and hospital in the province, there may be some physicians who don’t have copies of the new form. Please contact 778-1248 or (800) 563-9000 to order new forms. As well, physicians can call WorkplaceNL’s health care provider information line at 778-1122 or (877) 642-1122 for additional information on the forms.

WorkplaceNL CONTACT:


146-148 Forest Rd., P.O. Box 9000 
St. John's, NL, Canada, A1A 3B8
Telephone (709) 778-1000
Toll Free (800) 563-9000
Fax (709) 738-1714