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NLMA Section of Family Medicine

The Section of Family Medicine is organized for the purpose of providing a forum for practicing family physicians in the province, regardless of payment modality, to discuss the delivery of primary care by family physicians with a goal to identifying solutions to systemic problems affecting practice and/or care delivery; to develop strategies for consideration by the Board of Directors to enhance the physician and patient experience; to serve as a vehicle to voice expressions of concern and/or opinion for the benefit of the NLMA on any matter that may concern the Section.



Any practicing family physician may opt to participate as a member of the Section.  The section may appoint an executive committee and chair for a term of 3-years.



The section shall meet quarterly (or at the call of the chair) and a record of proceedings of meetings shall in a timely fashion be submitted to the Executive Director following such meeting.



Members of the Association may organize Sections or Special Interest Groups as outlined in Section 17 (Sections and Special Interest Groups) of the NLMA By-Laws. The Section of Family Medicine is shall not make by-laws or policy(s) that are inconsistent with the By-laws and policy(s) of the NLMA.  The chair of the section, nor any member of the section shall have the right to speak for the Association, but any resolution passed at a meeting of a Section or Special Interest Group may be submitted to the Board for consideration and such action as the Board may deem appropriate.