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Family Medicine Section


The NLMA Family Medicine Section is organized for the purpose of providing a forum for practising family physicians in the province, regardless of payment modality, to discuss the delivery of primary care by family physicians with a goal of identifying solutions to systemic problems affecting practice and/or care delivery; to develop strategies for consideration by the Board of Directors to enhance the physician and patient experience; and, to serve as a vehicle to voice expressions of concern and/or opinion for the benefit of the NLMA on any matter that may concern the Section.


Terms of Reference



Executive Committee:

Dr. Jared Butler (Chair)

Dr. Shanda Slipp

Dr. Robert Butler

Dr. Colleen Kirby

Dr. Stephen Major




Family Physician members may submit a question or issue to the Section Chair by emailing



Fact Check Program

Physicians who encounter reports in Newfoundland and Labrador media or on social media that include misleading or incorrect information about the practice of family medicine can alert the NLMA, which will determine the most appropriate response. NLMA will not respond to trolls on social media but will respond to incorrect statements made by representatives of organizations or professions within Newfoundland and Labrador. 


Please alert the NLMA by one of the following ways:



Text: (709) 691-0928

Call: 709 726-7424 ext. 303


Please indicate when and where the incorrect information appeared and include relevant website addresses or screenshots of social media. To take a screenshot on an iPhone, hold the menu button and power button together. For most Android phones, hold the power and volume down buttons together. For Mac, press Shift-Command-4 and drag to select the area of the screen to capture. For PC, press the Print Screen key (or Ctrl-Print Screen or Alt-Print Screen) and paste into the email message.