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NLMA Honorary Life Membership Award

What is the NLMA Honorary Life Membership Award?

The NLMA Honorary Life Membership Award recognizes persons who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has distinguished himself or herself by their achievements in medicine or an allied science, or who has rendered distinguished service to the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA).

What are the criteria for the Award?

  • Membership in good standing with the NLMA at the time of approval (including those who have passed since their nomination); and
  • Retired from active practice regardless of age, including those performing locums, or over the age of 75 regardless of practice status; and,
  • Significant contributions to the medical profession as defined by involvement in NLMA activities, which may include Board of Director or committee involvement; or,
  • Other considerations including strong liaison with other medical organizations, delivery of quality medical care, political activity, medical research, community service and humanitarian service.


Selection Process

The selection process begins with a Call for Nominations from the entire membership. Nominations must include the rationale of how the nominee meets the criteria. Nominations will be vetted by NLMA staff to ensure the stipulations are met before presentation to the NLMA Board of Directors for final decision.

How do I nominate someone? To nominate someone for the Award, please complete the online form.




Past recipients

2022 Dr. Padmavathy Guntamukkala, Dr. Neil Harvey, Dr. David Lacey   

2021 Dr. Elias Bartellas, Dr. Peter Blackie, Dr. Nigel Duguid 

2020 Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Wieslaw Rawluk

2019 Dr. Grenfell Adams, Dr. Alan KwanDr. Faith Stratton 

2018 Dr. Austin Richard (Rick) Cooper, Dr. Khi Khong Michael Jong

2017 Dr. Falah Maroun; Dr. Ian Simpson, Dr. Chaker Hobeika

2016 Dr. Thomas Rossiter; Dr. Paul Patey; Dr. Donald Hodder

2015 Dr. Robert Williams; Dr. Russell Harpur; Dr. Gregory Russell
Dr. Dr. John Sheldon; Dr. Ernest Dureke; Dr. Christopher Heughan
2013 Dr. Yong Kee Jeon; Dr. George Seviour

2012 Dr. Ronald F. Whelan
2011 Dr. Georgina Chalker; Dr. Albert Davis; Dr. Kim E. M. Hong
2010 Dr. Nigel Rusted
2009 Dr. James Dunne; Dr. Donald Tennent
2008 Dr. James A. Hopkins; Dr. James F. Seviour; Dr. Randolph C. Tsang
2007 Dr. David Boyd Peddle
2006 Dr. R.L. Walley
2005 Dr. Thomas C. Farrell; Dr. Neil Turner; Dr. Ivan Woolfrey
2004 Dr. Justo B. Galutira; Dr. David C. Prior
2003 Dr. Robert D. Lawton; Dr. David G. Landells
2002 Dr. Kenneth Saltman; Dr. John P. Williams; Dr. John A. Bessell; Dr. J. Frazier Walsh; Dr. Gerald W. Warren
2001 Dr. Spencer M. Bridger; Dr. John B. Sutherland; Dr. Jesse A. Devilla; Dr. D. Wallace Ingram
2000 Dr. John C. Cronhelm; Dr. Colin Michael Calder
1999 Dr. Robert M. Butt
1998 Dr. Richard F. Kennedy; Dr. R. Cyril Condon; Dr. Gerald T. Kean
1997 Dr. Richard G. Huntsman; Dr. John D. Tomlinson; Dr. Albert E. (Ted) Shapter
1996 Dr. Rufus G. Dominic; Dr. Robert F. O’Driscoll; Dr. R. Hearder Butler
1995 Mr. Gerald F. Lynch; Dr. H. John Blackwood; Dr. George W. Battcock; Dr. A. Maxwell House
1994 Dr. Nicholas Daly; Dr. John J. O’Dea; Dr. Florencio (Ray) Firme; Dr. Eithne Knowling; Dr. Clare Neville-Smith
1993 Dr. T. Augustus Rowe; Dr. Melvin L. Parsons; Dr. Craig N. Loveys; Dr. Bernard V. Murray
1992 Dr. Phyllis Duncan; Dr. Brain J. Harley
1991 Dr. W. David Parsons; Dr. Leslie A. Wells; Dr. Alvin R. Mercer
1990 Dr. Raymond L. Bugden; Dr. Frederick W. Woodruff; Dr. Charles U. Henderson
1989 Dr. John R. Martin; Dr. Ian E. Rusted
1988 Dr. Joseph Crowley
1987 Dr. Liborio Garcia; Dr. Kevin McCann; Dr. Austen B. Colohan
1986 Dr. Louis E. Lawton
1985 Dr. Norah Browne; Dr. Lloyd Mussells; Dr. Gerald O’Brien; Dr. Denis A. O’Connor
1984 Dr. Kevin Linegar; Dr. John E. Walsh; Dr. Donald Cant
1983 Dr. Thomas Stentaford; Dr. Robert J. Simms; Dr. H. Bliss Murphy
1982 Dr. Melvin G. Coxon
1981 Dr. Noel F. Murphy; Dr. Joseph E. Josephson
1980 Dr. T. Arthur Knowling
1979 Dr. W. Anthony Paddon; Dr. Gordon Thomas

Canadian medical association (cMA) Honorary Life Membership Award

What is the CMA Honorary Life Membership Award?

The CMA Honorary Membership Award is an honour bestowed on those who have been nominated by their provincial/territorial medical associations and have had their nominations approved unanimously by the CMA Board of Directors. The nominees are held in high regard by their colleagues; they are humanitarians who have put into practice the aims and ideals of the profession. They are people who exemplify the words of the CMA Coat of Arms: Integriate et misericordia — integrity and compassion. 

What are the criteria for the Award?

  • Over the age of 65 and retired from active practice;
  • Active membership in the CMA for at least 10 years.

How do I nominate someone? To nominate someone for the Award, please complete the online Nomination Form.


Past recipients

2022 Dr. Grenfell Adams, Dr. Robert Young 

2021 Dr. Donald Hodder, Dr. Thomas Rossiter

2020 Dr. Georgina Chalker

2019 Dr. Donald Tennent, Dr. Randolph Tsang

2018 Dr. Gregory Russell, Dr. Ivan Woolfrey
2017 Dr. John Cronhelm; Dr. Jesse DeVilla

2016 Dr. Robert Butt; Dr. Gerald Warren

2015 Dr. David Wallace Ingram; Dr. Reginald Hearder Butler

2014 Dr. George Seviour; Dr. John Sutherland

2013 Dr. Robert Lawton; Dr. Phylllis Madryga

2012 Dr. Ernest C. Dureke; Dr. Russell O. Harpur
2011 Dr. Christopher Heughan; Dr. Richard Kennedy
2010 Dr. Kim E. M. Hong
2009 Dr. Spencer M. Bridger
2008 Dr. Alvin R. Mercer
2007 Dr. Max House; Dr. David Landells
2006 Dr. John Blackwood; Dr. Ian Simpson
2005 Dr. Yong Kee Jeon; Dr. Chaker Hobeika
2004 Dr. Albert J. Davis; Dr. Pierce A. Spurrell
2003 Dr. Falah B. Maroun; Dr. Noel F. Murphy
2002 Dr. Rufus G. Dominic; Dr. John H. Sheldon
2001 Dr. Jean D. Griffin; Dr. Abdalla M. Hanna
2000 Dr. Ronald F. Whelan
1999 Dr. Brian J. Harley
1998 Dr. Thomas G. Stentaford
1997 Dr. Leslie A. Wells
1996 Dr. Frederick W. Woodruff
1995 Dr. Charles U. Henderson
1994 Dr. T. Augustus Rowe
1992 Dr. John R. Martin; Dr. Ian E. Rusted; Dr. W. David Parsons
1991 Dr. Louis E. Lawton
1990 Dr. Norah C. Browne
1988 Dr. Kevin L. Linegar
1986 Dr. Robert J. Simms
1985 Dr. H. Bliss Murphy
1984 Dr. Melvin G. Coxon
1983 Dr. T. Arthur Knowling
1982 Dr. Joseph E. Josephson
1980 Dr. Thomas G. Anderson
1977 Dr. W. Howard Drover
1974 Dr. Nigel F. Rusted
1972 Dr. Harry D. Roberts


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