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Heritable Thrombophilia Testing – Final Memo before Implementation of Guideline

The Hematology Laboratory Utilization Committee was formed in 2013 to promote the effective and appropriate utilization of laboratory resources. One of our current projects is a review of the process of testing for heritable thrombophilias, which is currently not cost effective. With the assistance of Dr. Rufaro Chitsike (adult hematologist/oncologist) and Dr. Paul Moorehead (pediatric hematologist/oncologist), the committee is drafting guidelines that would direct the processing of thrombophilia testing in the coagulation and genetics laboratories.


Below please find the body of the original memo dated October 6, 2016. Thus far no feedback expressing concerns regarding the implementation of the guidelines has been received. This memo is being submitted as a final notification prior to the implementation of the guidelines on March 1, 2017, which was moved forward a month to allow extra time for review. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact


Memorandum: Heritable Thrombophilia Testing (PDF)

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