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Flu Shot Information and Guidance

Influenza Information and Guidance for Physicians 

The Provincial Government's influenza immunization program is commenced on October 21, 2020. As was previously indicated, the MCP fee code for flu shots has been temporarily reinstated effective October 21, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

For physicians who wish to offer flu shots as part of their clinics, please find below a number of resources and guidance documents to help support your practice in managing this process. 

Ordering vaccines - The Department and Health and Community services has indicated that for the first month physicians can order and receive what they feel they need. If large orders are considered a major outlier the clinic may be contacted to confirm the order. Over time physicians can replenish and have access to what they need unless there is an unexpected supply issue.

eDOCSNL Med Access users - Please look for an email from eDOCSNL on influenza vaccination processes specific to Med Access users, with special attention to the reporting requirements for flu vaccinations in the EMR including the template that is required. 

Any members who encounter any issues with ordering, pick up etc. can contact Lynn Barter 



MCP Newsletter - Temporary Influenza Immunization Fee Code - October 16, 2020

: While the temporary flu shot fee code (54650) is not effective until October 21st,  HCS has committed to pay those physicians who provided flu shots early from October 13, 2020 – October 21, 2020.   Claims between this period must be held until you get further direction


MCP Newsletter Oct 16.PNG (Link)

MCP Newsletter: Update on Influenza Vaccine Requirements - October 23

 MCP Update on vaccine Documentaation.png (PDF)

Courier Form 
*Will require downloading/saving PDF to your computer in order to view
 Courier form.png(PDF)

CMOH - MEMO - Influenza Vaccine for Healthcare Providers Oct 2020

MEMO Influenza Vaccine for Healthcare Provider.PNG (PDF)

Influenza Vaccine Order Form

Influenza vaccine must be ordered using the Influenza Vaccine Order Form.
Fax the order form to the Communicable Disease Control Office in your region (as per
contact information on form). The appropriate regional office will advise when your
vaccine is ready for pick-up.

Influenza Vaccine Order Form.PNG (PDF)

Central Health - Memo - Influenza Vaccine Ordering and Delivery

Central Health - Memo - Influenza Vaccine Orde.PNG (PDF)

Public Health Microbiology Lab - Memo - Respiratory Testing Fall 2020

PHML Respiratory Testing Memo FALL 2020 - FINA.PNG (PDF)

Clinic Guidance for Influenza Vaccine during COVID-19

Clinic Guidance for Influenza Vaccine during C.PNG


PHAC - Guidance for influenza vaccine delivery in the presence of COVID-19



PHAC - Recommendations on the Duration of the Post-vaccination Observation Period for Influenza Vaccination during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Updated PPE Order Form for Influenza Immunization Clinics

 PPE Order form - Immunizations - Oct 2020.PNG 

Influenza Vaccine Storage and Handling Factsheet


Seasonal Influenza Immunization Consent  Record of Immunization Form

 Seasonal Influenza Immunization Consent  Recor.PNG (Fillable PDF)
*Will require downloading/saving PDF to your computer in order to view

Quick Tips for Consent Form Completion

 Quick Tips for Consent Form Completion.PNG(PDF)

Guidance on Drive-Through or Parking Lot Flu Clinics


 Drive-Through or Parking Lot Flu Clinics - Oct.PNG (PDF

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