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NLMA discusses key issues facing physicians and relationship with Minister of Health

On July 28, NLMA President Dr. Charlene Fizgerald and President-Elect Dr. Lynnette Powell held a news conference to inform the public about the NLMA’s concerns about our broken relationship with the provincial government.


The NLMA outlined issues of key concern for physicians such as recruitment and retention challenges, the need for health system restructuring, primary care reform, true integration of virtual care and the seriously delayed contract talks between government and doctors. They also spoke about the failure of this government and the Minister of Health to listen to the advice of physicians to address issues facing patients and the health care system.


The NLMA also called on the new Premier to have a health agenda that addresses these issues and to make an improved relationship with the NLMA a priority.


To watch the news conference, please click the video below. A transcript of the remarks is also available for download below.



News Conference Remarks: 

News conference speeches.png (PDF)

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