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Voting Open for NLMA By-election

Due to a recent vacancy on the NLMA Board of Directors, a by-election has been called to fill the position of rural Director At-Large. Following the AGM on June 2, Dr. Charlene Fitzgerald will become President-Elect of the NLMA and will thus vacate her current Rural At-Large seat on the Board. A call for nominations was issued on May 1 for the position of Rural Director At-Large. Two candidates have been nominated to fill the final year of Dr. Fitzgerald's term. They include:

Rural Director At-Large

  • Dr. David Flusk
  • Dr. Todd Young


At-Large Directors are driven by the interests of the entire membership rather than specific specialties, practice locations or payment modalities. To ensure equal distribution of At-large Directors on the current NLMA Board, all by-election candidates reside outside the St. John’s metro region.

Online voting is now open to all eligible members. To vote and read the candidates’ statements of intent or CV, visit and enter your voting credentials.






Voting closes 5 p.m. (NST) on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.




The election process is reviewed by Deloitte, current auditor of the NLMA, with voting provided by Simply Voting, an independent specialized provider of hosted online elections. All voting is secure, confidential and anonymous.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact J. David Mitchell, Director, Membership & Administration, at (709) 726-7424, extension 301 or toll free at (800) 563-2003, extension 301, or via e-mail at

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