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Dr. Lynn Dwyer installed as 92nd President of the NLMA

Dr. Lynn Dwyer was installed as the 92nd President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA) at the President’s Dinner which followed its annual general meeting on Saturday, June 3.


Dr. Dwyer is a family physician in St. John’s and has been in practice since 1987.


During her inaugural speech, Dr. Dwyer spoke about how the NLMA is focused on developing proactive solutions that lead to enhanced patient care and improving the sustainability of the province’s health care system. During her tenure, Dr. Dwyer plans to champion the strengthening of physician influence in decisions about health care.


“In the year ahead, the NLMA will continue to advocate for greater participation of physicians in the planning, management and governance of the health care system,” said Dr. Dwyer. “We want physicians to be at the forefront of health policy decisions so that those decisions are made in the best interests of our patients. The recent decision by the provincial government to de-list flu shots without consultation with physicians can have a significant negative impact on the immunization rates and health of our patients.”


Dr. Dwyer explained that NLMA is working with the provincial government to address its priorities related to the retention of doctors and primary health care renewal.


“For most patients, their primary contact with the health care system is their family doctor. They often serve as the patient’s primary source of continuity by coordinating all levels of care the patient receives. Newfoundland and Labrador experiences a high rate of physician turnover. We need a fundamental change in the way we deliver health care and it starts at the primary care level,” said Dr. Dwyer.


Also addressing the meeting was Canadian Medical Association President-Elect Dr. Laurent Marcoux. He announced the CMA Honorary Life Membership Award recipients, which included retired physicians Dr. John Cronhelm of St. John’s and Dr. Jesse DeVilla of Grand Falls-Windsor. The award recognizes those who have put into practice the aims and ideals of the medical profession.


The NLMA Honorary Life Membership Awards were presented to St. John’s neurosurgeon Dr. Falah Maroun and retired general practitioner Dr. Ian Simpson of Corner Brook. The award recognizes physicians’ achievements in medicine and their service to the NLMA.

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